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October 24 2017

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concept: a comedy show with a laugh track but with just one person laughing

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just a reminder that cabin pressure is a fucking treasure and we are blessed that it ever graced this earth

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Optimistic nihilism only lads

The universe is an open ended sandbox rpg. There’s no end goal. You can only get achievements. Some of them include making other people happy

October 21 2017



Get in the Halloween spirit and make a ghost!

That’s called murder and i heard somewhere that it was illegal.

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“As the father of no daughters because I’m literally in 8th grade, I think sexual harassment is bad.”

These kid are the future.

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I love Cersei Lannister

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She’s cozy


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I want a Pitch Perfect spin-off about Das Sound Macchine with Flula as the protagonist

who’s with me

October 20 2017

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This is such a special show.

October 19 2017

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today on “weirdly specific but extremely relatable goodwill finds”

October 16 2017

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“Your teen comes home and you smell MARIJUANA now what?”

this calls for AIR GUITAR

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i think im overqualified for this position

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