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May 16 2018


Me: 2018 can’t get any more surreal

2018: Hold my beer


Deadpool 2 gave me that sweet, sweet pan representation I feel well fed and happy. He was very clearly pan all through the film even the straightest of men could not overlook it

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Deadpool 2 (2018) directed by David Leitch

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Deadpool addressing the immensely successful elephant in the room that is Infinity War in the midst of his promotional run for Deadpool 2. Gotta appreciate the honesty lol.


Deadpool 2 spoilers but without any context whatsoever (1/?)

Deadpool 2 spoilers without context

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Deadpool takes over the Late Show

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Ryan Reynolds is a treasure ❤︎

May 07 2018

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it’s been 3 days and i can’t stop thinking abt these

You missed the best part, my friend. These are just two photos from a whole book.

Please, enjoy this smattering of beauty and wonder.

These make me so happy

I love all of these, but I am SCREAMING over the last one. 

Those boys are perfect.

April 28 2018




Maybe misusing the name of God isn’t so much about saying the shallow words, “Oh my God,” as it is about using the name of God to justify discrimination, oppression, injustice, racism, slavery, xenophobia, poverty, sexism, islamophobia, ableism, homophobia, war, & the list can go on. 


When I was a wee little Gaslight attending Catholic Sunday schools, and then later in college when I was taking a Bible as Literature class, both my stolid neighborhood deacon and my dapper Protestant professor said almost the exact same thing:

“Taking the Lord’s name in vain isn’t when someone says ‘God damn it.’ It’s when a mortal, fallible human being presumes to put words in God’s mouth and say ‘This is what God wants you to do.’“

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Omg I hate dan and phil, I was using web inspector to see if there was any hidden content on their website that wasn’t ready to go live and then I saw an iframe called SECRET VIDEO so I went to the address and got rick rolled


dan and phil are valid

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This was the most Anna Kendrick-y thing in the whole movie.

What is Chris Pine even doing with his hand

That’s called The Royal Wave and its something he learned on The Princess Diaries 2

It’s funny because it’s true.


infinity war:


April 23 2018

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choose your opponent

April 13 2018

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Zodiac Killer asked the real questions today

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