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February 07 2018


I don’t trust people who don’t like 80s pop music like what are you? straight? grow up

February 06 2018


me, two minutes into dirk gently season 2: yes gay good big mood

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honestly if you haven’t watched dirk gently’s holistic gay detective agency yet what are you even doing





a muggleborn student coming to hogwarts with a thermos flask and filling it with tea in the morning so it stays hot all day and their pureblood friends are like “whoa what spell did you use for that” and they’re like “?????? it’s just a thermos???” and all the pureblood students start pointing their wands at cups and saying “THERMOS”


plot twist: it works, mugs suddenly start keeping tea at the perfect temperature for the caster all day. students in muggle studies start experimenting with other muggle jargon and a new generation of magic spells are born, propelling the stagnated wizard community into the technological age

“thermos” (or θερμός) literally means “warm” in Greek and since most of HP’s magic language is mangled or fake Latin or Greek, it would make sense in-universe if it did work

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guy fieri dabbing with his sons??????

though neither blessed nor cursed, this image holds a tremendous amount of power, it cannot fall into the wrong hands

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Tom Hiddleston attends the Early Man World Premiere held at BFI IMAX on January 14, 2018 in London, England.

Via Torrilla/weibo

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when you’re listening to really fast music that pumps you up but you’re not doing anything particularly exciting so you just sit there super energetically


Brain: You’re a horrible, worthless, garbage person, and your life is going nowhere but to hell.

Me: I don’t know what the fuck you expect me to do about that at 11PM, my dude.


earlier today i saw that big bang theory was nominated for most popular comedy show over brooklyn nine nine and in this essay i’ll discuss why we, as a species, need another plague


Me: *Catches myself being judgmental*
Me to Me: I did not raise u this way




how the human brain works:

electricity tickles the meat so that different slimes come out. sometimes the slime feels good sometimes bad. some people make more bad slime than good slime. that’s called clinical depression.

my biology textbook said it was more like a sauce

What is a sauce but slime with a purpose?

February 05 2018













instead of Friends they should’ve called it Friends & Ross

every conflict the Friends had to face was directly the cause of Ross

just saw an episode where chandler was trying to give joey money since he was struggling financially but joey was too proud to take it so chandler made up a gambling game where joey always won so chandler could give him money without him knowing. perfect example of two great Friends. then joey, confident with his skills in the game, goes to ross to play with him and loses it all to ross. joey tells chandler and he goes to ross and explains the situation and how the game was fake and asks for his money back but ross wouldn’t give it back. just one of the many examples of ross being a worthless piece of shit

I just watched the episode where Rachel hires a male nanny, Sandy, who is perfectly qualified and experienced. All of the friends love him including Joey who says that he is ‘learning so much’ from him. Except of course Ross who is a dick to Sandy the entire episode just because Ross doesn’t think being a nanny is a man’s job. Ross even went as far as to ask if he was gay in the job interview which I’m pretty sure is a big no-no. Ross eventually ends up firing Sandy purely because he’s a man in a female dominated job and because he thinks is too sensitive which is hilarious because the only sensitive one here is Ross and his fragile masculinity.

What about the one where Ross gets upset because his two year old son wants to play with a Barbie? He spends the entire episode trying to convince him that G.I. Joe is better.

How about the part where Rachel got a dream job in Paris, and fuckboy Ross who had treated Rachel like shit in the past, decided to try and win her back at the airport when he should have just let her go to her dream job. 

I watched an episode where Ross and Rachel got trashed in Vegas and then went to the chapel and got married. When they came to Ross wouldn’t get an annulment because he didn’t want to be known as the guy who gets divorced. He is kind of awful.


Or the one where Ross yells at Rachel for dating Elizabeth’s dad because it’s “weird” for him but had no problem going out with Rachel’s sister, Jill, when Rachel had an issue with it.

Or how about the one where Rachel is having the time of her life at a job she loves, but insecure douche canoe Ross has a problem that she’s working with another man, and gives Rachel such a hard time about it, she decides she needs a break from their relationship

The show Friends actually invented the term ‘friendzone’ to describe Ross’ inability to show Rachel that he wanted to be with her (back at the start).

Or when Rachel and Joey get together and Ross freaks out about it even though he was currently dating Joey’s ex-girlfriend Charlie.

He told Rachel that he read the letter she wrote him so that they would get back together.

He got jealous that Rachel was living with Joey while she was pregnant with Emma.

Speaking of Emma he kept telling Rachel at the beginning of her pregnancy that there was no possible way she could do this alone and that they should get married cause it was the right thing to do

The amount of times he has made small comments about the influence Carol and Susan have on Ben.

He dated one of his students and didn’t seem to understand why her father was uncomfortable with their relationship. 

He is constantly correcting people and treating others like they aren’t as intelligent as he is because he has a Ph.D. And he thinks since he is “sensitive” and “nice” that women should want to be with him.

Ross is the epitome of “but I’m a nice guy.”

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