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March 26 2017

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33 years ago The Breakfast Club had detention

March 25 2017


we’re about to witness an rpg game that 14 year old phil lester literally made himself.. aka we’re about to witness the pinnacle of creativity and lateral thinking


tfw you have Way Too Many Tabs open but you also can’t close any tabs bc you Need Them and if you close them you’ll forget about them so you’ll get to them… eventually.

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“Logan, you still have time.”


The Polish names for days of the week basically mean: Afternotdoey, Againey, Middley, Fourthey, Fiftey, Sabbatho, Notdoey.

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Phil Lester + pábitel

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[ @danisnotonfire@amazingphil​ ]

March 24 2017

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shaved sides

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Holy shit how much does that cat weigh

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Neuschwanstein Castle by Jacob Riglin


going from “today is a good day” to “i hate my life” takes me approximately 2.6 seconds


sleeping is nice until u wake up and realize ur still sad lol

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dan’s reactions to phil’s innuendos 

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cant believe nessie is rly a 34 yr old accountant from akron, ohio

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March 22 2017

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