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July 15 2017

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Anthony, Dan or a rat? Scientists can’t tell

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“Like it or not, I’m the new fucking Aquaman buddy.”

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ogniem i mieczem + text posts (1 / 2)

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The Shitty Horoscopes Anthology is now funding on Kickstarter

shitty horoscopes book xi: illuminate

amrit brar | musterni | 2016

website | instagram | read the whole series






Social anxiety level: “mentally rehearsing the word ‘Here!’ over and over before the professor calls your name during roll call”

Social Anxiety level: holding all your money from the moment you walk in the door so when you get in line to pay u don’t have to waste everyone’s time

Social anxiety level: Being done with your test before anyone else but not wanting to get up and walk to the front of class, so you wait until someone else stands up.

Social Anxiety level: Editing the fuck out of everything you say mentally, so that you don’t come off as annoying for saying too much by including unnecessary details no one asked for or care about.

It’s crazy that I’ve done these things all my life and never even realized it wasn’t normal

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And One Time He Didn’t. NC-17. Vlad/Don, Fluff and Angst, Political Intrigue, Fisting

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(via QueenIdle)

I didn’t know my daily walk to class took place on sacred ground…

July 14 2017

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🐀  rats moodboard  🐀


Kevin Spacey staring straight ahead suffering™ with death in his eyes while a hot couple makes out behind him is my aesthetic and also my entire life in a nutshell.

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My parents live in this town and the city legally can’t tear the tree down to build or anything because the tree has its own legal rights and they can’t do anything about it.

how does. how does this happen. how DID this happen

I love this story because this guy in the early 1800’s had so many great childhood memories of this tree and wanted to make sure it was protected no matter what. So he deeded the ownership of the tree to itself and everyone just went with it.

Then in 1942 this intense windstorm came and knocked the tree over. And people were bummed. But someone had saved an acorn from the original tree, so they planted that and now Son of the Tree That Owns Itself is over 50 feet tall.

And since this new tree is technically the offspring of the original tree it’s considered to have legally inherited the plot of land it’s inhabiting.

Two generations of trees owning land is amazing and if you don’t think this is the coolest thing get right out of my face.

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Dwóch chłopców IDZIE?


So this is a mistake that a lot of people learning polish make. It is logical that “two boys” is plural so it should be conjugated as third person of plural. In polish it often doesn’t work that way.

A boy goes to school.
Two boys go to school.

Un garçon va à l’école.
Deux garçons vont à l’école.

Un niño va a la escuela.
Dos niños van a la escuela.

Chłopiec idzie do szkoły.
We can say “Dwaj chłopcy idą do szkoły” but Poles would rather say:
Dwóch chłopców idzie do szkoły.

So why even though there are two boys (they - oni - and not he - on) we use singular form? The answer is easy - because “chłopcy” (boys) is not the subject in this sentence. The subject is actually “dwóch” (two)! Polish speakers tend to use quantity as a subject. And with this subject they will use singular form. Another example:

W Brazylii mieszka dużo Polaków.
A lot of Poles live in Brazil.

Even though “Polaków” is plural the form of the verb is singular. The subject in this sentence is not “Polaków” (Poles) so we don’t use mieszkają even though in other languages we would use live (not lives), vivent (not vit) or viven (not vive). The subject in this sentence is “dużo” (a lot of).

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i enjoy mornings that you wake up to silence and no one is asking anything of you, you’re under no pressure to exist and its just wonderful

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